totally nuts.Truck Nutz that is.

Apparently Florida has some good taste after all. The State which has been referenced as the “Penis of America” has banned those obnoxious “nuts” people hang from their vehicles.

If you are still baffled, let me try to explain. Somebody thought the idea of hanging testicles off of a truck (or car) was a great idea. Here’s the equation:

Truck + Testicles = cool.

For one person to think it’s a good idea is, well, interesting. For it to become popular enough for people to buy it is baffling. For it to become such a phenomenon that a state has to BAN it, is just mind boggling.

Personally, I’m all for someone putting whatever accessories they want on a vehicle. As the saying goes “There’s no accounting for bad taste”.  I don’t like the idea of a state dic-tating taste and common sense, but I can see how these are more than just annoying and ridiculous, they border on the obscene.

Can someone PLEASE explain why your truck needs testicles? Doesn’t a love of testicles mean, like, you love testicles?

Hmm, maybe an “I love testicles” bumper sticker is the next hot thing for these guys?

viaAutoBlog via Tallahassee Democrat