What's up man.  Twitter is a wonderful thing!  It's a bit weird and you'll probably think "man, what the fuck is this thing", but once you get it, you get it.

In general, Twitter is a public conversation.  Whereas Facebook is a BBQ with your buddies, Twitter is music festival.  You'll likely meet up with people you already know, but you'll be exposed to a whole lot more you don't.  If you want.

A couple things;
1) twitter is a great way to push out a message to lots of folks.  For ABC I would post things like "joes band is playing this wednesday, 5/6 come on out" "the sun is shining, come out for a blonde this thurday"…you know, stuff that is actually news or close to it.  Do it often, and as long as it is close to news, people will at least read it.

2)follow LOTS of people.  One sure way to build up your followers is to follow others. It's a kind of courtesy thing.  And in the long run, it benefits you.

  • How to find people? Sometimes I'll see who someone else is following.  Like : and you'll likely find some people you know.  Or someone you don't know, but they are involved in something you are interested.  Like beer.  I followed who other beer people were following:
  • Do you have to follow everyone who follows you?  no.
  • IMPORTANT – Once you start following people, Twitter suddenly becomes your own personal news channel!  Since you chose the things that were interesting to you by the people you followed, you only get news that is interesting to you!  I have a news channel now that focuses on: Atlanta, technology, social media, beer, mountainboarding, skateboarding and music.  Where else do you find that?

3) make it EASY on yourself.  You probably have to update the mySpace, Facebook, (now)Twitter, and a couple other updates.  There are sites that will let you do it in one place, and then it'll distribute out to all the others! Like:

  • Posterous ( – The EASIEST blogging site imaginable.  All you do is send an email to (go! do it now! you could forward this!) and boom, you got a blog.  From then on everytime you send an email to that address from whatever email you used to send it, it updates your blog.  You can send photos, videos, text, blah blah blah. Anything you can email.  THEN, you connect that to your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, and it posts there as well.  Simple.
  • FriendFeed ( do similar…except it's mainly a place to put in a twitter sized note and push it to twitter and facebook.  But  it's also good for connecting all your stuff.
  • TweetDeck – This is a "twitter-client" aka "a place to read and write tweets that is not twitter, but does other stuff".  TweetDeck will post to twitter and facebook for ya and makes it easy to decide when to do both, when to do only one.
  • There are tons out there…just find what you like!

Does that help?

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Ted, can you educate me in the wonderful ways of Twitter?



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