Everything started out normal this morning.  Wash the hair, brush the tooth then get set for work.  I'd received a new t-shirt in the mail and while it wasn't really work appropriate, something told me to rock it.  So I did.

The sky was all misty and yellow tinged as I walked out.  Eerily quiet, actually.  I put ole Midge inside because it looked like rain and she got all mopey as usual.  Except more so.  I actually thought I heard her whimper "Awww.  Leaving me again?".  Weird.

Hopped in the car and headed out.  Nothing too weird…except that traffic seemed light.  Well not light, really, I mean it was just as packed as ever, but it was moving…slow?  It was like gaps in traffic popped open just when I needed them and people weren't going slow in the left lane, which was a special treat.  Ah well.

Got to work and everyone was huddled under umbrellas.  Seemed a bit excessive if you ask me, I mean it's just a little foggy.  And yellowish.  I shook off the moisture and bounded inside.

Inside I was feeling kind of crowded, restless.  Usually I can sit down and get onto some emails, but I just wanted to be outside!  Sure, it was nice that the boss came over and said I was doing a great job, and that I got a couple emails about stuff I won on ebay for amazing deals, but something was just off.  People were walking by and kind of…staring?  But not in a bad way.  More of like a respectful way.  Was it the shirt?  Was it offensive?  What's going on?

Since I couldn't just run outside and cruise through the woods I figured I better just hedge my bets and cover up it up.

Everything from there was just kind of…dull.  Huh.

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