Been working on the ole Unimog 404.  Replacing the point ignition with “normal” ignition.  Should make it easier to maintain and fix why it was running rough. And also installing a new ignition module.
Here is the new coil.  Need to clean up the wiring.

 new Distributor cap looks awfully clean in there.


Also wiring up a new ignition.  Here are some wires that go somewhere.


On the left is the new ignition, it has 6 contact points.  On the right is the old one, it has 7 contact points, different numberings, and was a LOT smaller.  hmmm.


The workshop.  This is where it stopped moving, so this is where I gots to work.  BTW, the green cart is great for putting you at the right height.


I sketch of the wiring from the old ignition module.  


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