Went over to the shop last night and worked on a couple things.  Fixed the parking brake, took a look at the power steering, tried to replace the top (btw CJ5 and CJ7 tops are now the same size.  Thanks Bestop).  

Also at the shop was a new guy with a 72 Land Cruiser FJ40.  Runs awesome, needs a little bit of love, so we gave it some.  The got the clutch working better, and fixed some lighting issues.  Made it damn near driveable!

So we decided to go take them out to the Secret Spot to play in the mud and rain.  All told we had four trucks: my 87 (pictured), the 72 Cruiser, Jay’s 94 4Runner (with 3.4L swap) and Don’s 80-something FJ60 (with Tahoe V8 swap).  A damn fine collection of trucks!

As suspected, everything was muddy and rutted out, which made for some good fun!.   The hill climbs were tougher.  The easy hill is now the tricky hill.  The medium hill is now the oh-shit hill.  ANd the big hill is now the big hill but a whole lot harder.  

The 87 did great on her first fairly hardcore outing.  Climbed great, handled all sorts of mud holes and I didn’t flip it, which was nice.  The 72 also did a hell of a job!  Not bad for an antique!  It climbed the oh-shit hill without even blinking.In the end, thought, it did blow a clutch and limped home.  No big deal.  Just another day in the shop.

This was also the new dog’s – Ollie – first ride.  He liked it so much he puked in the center console.  Thanks buddy.

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