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In it’s glory:

As of today:

One of the most popular arches in Arches National Park has fallen. Wall Arch. This baby was the 12th-largest in the park, the arch was 33 feet tall and 71 feet wide.

Me and my brother, Ben, and roommate at the time Dave Close went to Arches about 13 years ago (oh damn) and man, it was a hell of a place. Definitely one of the coolest places in America. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend that you go. Before it’s too late!!!

Something about the demise of a major natural phenomenon succumbing to old age makes one feel old. Huh. Wonder why that is?

More on CNN:

Gravity, erosion rob Utah park of popular arch

little side story on the trip to Arches: Ben, Dave and I had been living in Colorado for a winter and were heading west on a spring road trip. Utah was a natural first stop since it was a mountain biking mecca, was extremely cool, and, well, had free camping. We were there a couple of days, biking, drinking, hanging out. On our last day we decided to check our Arches. We pull into the parking lot and suddenly see this girl standing there with her thumb out, like hitching for a ride. As we get closer it dawns on us that this gal was Laura! Laura was a very serious ex of mine who I was on a kind of hiatus with who lived 2000 miles away. Needless to say, running into her in to the middle of the desert was odd. Good! But odd.

song chart memes
more graph humor and song chart memes

Oh wow, how nerdly is that title? I never thought I would be enamored with a site dedicated to graphs and charts. But this one is a real time-killer: graphJam. Kind of a mash-up of lolcats and power-point. Well, it is run by the lolcats aka I can has cheezburger folks, so go figure.

It was talked about in this month’s Wired, so you know it’s got to be good.

Found this tool called Wordle which will take a tag cloud from delicious or a simple clump of words and turn it into art. Here’s what my tag cloud looks like, all fancy like.

Here’s a smattering of hip-hop lyrics. Can you guess who they are?