As you may know, I like lots of disparate things.

On one end of spectrum, I may be considered (and occasionally claim) to be a bit redneck. Proof: I own four vehicles (+), three of them run (-), two are late 80’s 4×4’s (++), one is a Miata (-), one is a Scion (-). But I do have two broken down vehicles AND a trailer or two in my yard (++++).

On the total other end of the spectrum, I have a facination with “Dekotora”. According to Wikipedia ( it’s a “a kind of loudly decorated truck most commonly found in Japan.” That, my friends, is putting it mildy. Here are a couple examples:

yeah. fraking crazy. more here:

While there is still a long way to go to truly join these two sides of the taste spectrum, I found a vehicle which gets us a little closer:

Jeep for sale

I know what you’re thinking. And yes, it IS for sale. You can go buy it here:

If you are unfortunate enough to miss it (dang), here’s the low down:

PRICE: $75,000.00
total custom, 3-D flames and skulls, 383 ci Chevy cratemotor, alum heads, 425hp, 700 R4 w/overdrive, every nut andbolt new, 309-397-xxxx, Mapleton,IL.-DA

I didn’t know 3-D flames had even been INVENTED yet, but here they are, on an 86 Jeep Pickup. Arguably not the most attractive pick-up to begin with, slapping a street-sweeper on the front and a wing that would make the Fast and the Furious crowd cry with envy is, well, bold. Wrap it all up in eye-searing Corvette yellow, slap some crappy small wire wheels on it (what, they don’t have dubs in IL?) and you got yourself one very “special” vehicle.

And a mere $75K, you’d have to be special to buy it.