I’ve been playing Disc Golf since about 1995. Like any good sport, it’s usually played with a beer in hand. We experimented back in the day with playing without beer. I know, I know, but I was young! I was still finding my way! Luckily it turned out that playing disc golf without beer was like playing golf without beer- just plain wrong!

Or so I thought.

Thursday I played a round with some co-workers after work. I grabbed a 6-er to share and headed out to the links. They declined, but I had one or two.

All was well the first 9. I had the lead. But then things went downhill. I started missing shots. Trees were jumping out at me. Putts went wildly awry! But they kept getting better. I got worse. More trees got in my way. Yet they still got better!

Then it occured to me: I only play better when drinking if EVERYONE is drinking. I guess I rely on everyone to get worse while I can maintain. Well, whatever it is, I won’t let it keep me down. No sir! I’ll just be sure to only play with like-minded drunks.

Or maybe try “real” golf.