Oh hell yes. If you thought the days of the bike-plotation movies were gone, think again. Tarantino is at it again with “Hell Ride”, a blood, beer and sex-soaked tale of retribution and revenge between two rival biker gangs. It has all the features of those 1960’s biker flicks, including Dennis Hopper. But where those movies were trying to serve as a morality lesson against bikers, this seems to celebrate the biker bad-boy image of years past, when dudes on Harley’s were not to be messed.


For those in Atlanta this Tuesday night (8/5/08), there will be a preview at the Starlight Drive-In, one of the greatest remaining drive-in theatres. In addition to the movie, there will be bikes, bands, burlesque and corn dogs! Oh, and it’s FREE!


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thanks for the tip Mick!