…seemed like a good name for a Playlist.

And so it goes: Danger Mouse has touched us in so many ways…

This is a quick compilation of different projects the Danger Mouse has had a hand in. Handy, no? I was listening to the new Beck album “Modern Guilt”, which is pretty nice. It reminds me somewhat of what ole Danger did to the Black Keys album “Attack and Release”. He adds a softer edge and a little bit of downtempo hip-hop chill to it.

And womens voices, which is nice.


Adult Jux

Mix Definitive Jux and Adult Swim and you get a little something called Definitive Swim.

Kind of like Reese’s peanut butter cup, but with beats instead of chocolate.

Definitive Jux aka DefJux is a groundbreaking hip-hop label that has been putting out mind-blowing, genre-bending music from the likes of Del-the-Funkee-Homosapien, Aesop Rock, Mr. Lif, Cool Calm Pete and Murs to name a few. This shit ain’t blinged out mindless rap. It’s clever, occasionally political, and always interesting.

And then there’s Adult Swim. You know, those whacky Atlanta kids who bring you Robot Chicken and Metacolypse. And wit. Oh so much wit.

Oh yeah, it’s FREE!

Adult Swim.