Hit up ole Sope Creek Trail on the Chatahoochee River yesterday. What a fun trail for being so close to Atlanta. A mere 10minutes from work, traffic willing.

Sope was actually one of the first trails I rode outside of Florida lo those many years ago when I started the road trip out of Jacksonville back in 1995. I remember then being absolutely amazed by the technicality and sheer rockiness of Sope Creek. I also remember making one of the big climbs back up the hill and bitching about it when I reached the top. Another biker heard me and said “Really? Climbing is the best part!” I had never heard odder words said. I hated climbing back then!

Actually, I still hate climbing. Ick. I’d rather bomb down a trail, which is what we spend yesterday doing. We hiked our bikes up the “Graveyard trail” a couple times. First to bomb down “Kudzu”, second to come back down “Graveyard” (you know, the one with the Graveyard on it.)

Then biked/hiked up the Main trail, bombed that. Then up/down the “Rocky” trail. Then back up Main and down Kudzu again.

Good times.

Ice cold beer in the parking lot, then dinner at The Local.

Not bad for a Monday, eh?