You familiar with the term “Jump the Shark”?  To quote (the originator of the term)

Q. What is jumping the shark?
A. It’s a moment. A defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak. That instant that you know from now on…it’s all downhill. Some call it the climax. We call it “Jumping the Shark.” From that moment on, the program will simply never be the same.The term “jump the shark” was coined by site founder Jon Hein’s college roommate of 4 years, Sean J. Connolly, in Ann Arbor, Michigan back in 1985. This web site, book, film, and all other material surrounding shark jumping, are hereby dedicated to “the Colonel.”

The aforementioned expression refers to the telltale sign of the demise of Happy Days, our favorite example, when Fonzie actually “jumped the shark.” The rest is history.

Jumping the shark applies not only to TV, but also music, film, even everyday life. “Did you see her boyfriend? She definitely jumped the shark.” You get the idea.

I formally declare, on this most appropriate day, February 28th, 2008 (leap year), that I, and maybe all of the Social Networking world, has Jumped The Shark.

First, Ted, how have you Jumped The Shark (JTS, from here on out).  I believe I have JTS as I have signed up for my 15th “new”, groundbreaking, Web2.0 site: tumblr.  I recently registered for this neat little service ( which isn’t quite blogging, isn’t quite Twitting.  I guess to be fair I should declare that I have only just started actually blogging, and I used Twitter once.

Okay, so hell, maybe I haven’t JTS at all!  You be the judge.  I am an active member of the following:

  1. Facebook
  2. MySpace
  3. Flickr
  4. YouTube
  5. Jalopnik
  6. ClaimId
  7. Listal
  8. Delicious
  9. LinkedIn
  10. Rhapsody
  11. eMusic
  12. Hillbilly Social Club
  13. BoardGen
  14. DirtBoardX
  16. WordPress
  17. AutoBlog

All sites that I use on a fairly regular basis!!  Do I need to add tumblr to the list to JTS?

In other top secret news, TJ Maxx is starting a social network.  Now THAT is Jumping The Shark!

btw: I’ll be out in San Diego March 3-7 for the Graphing Social Networks conference.  Maybe I should speak about this topic??