As the resident computer dude to a lot of people, I get questions about how to do stuff, like:

Hey Teddy –
I want to set up a website like you did for Fletch but I’m not seeing how you did – can you help a sister out? What steps did you take to get everything up and running?
Thanks man –

Here’s my response:

Easy peasy.

  1. Signed up for a blog at I also have several of my own on WordPress which I like a little better. Find a template you like and go!
  2. Signed up for flickr to host the photos.
  3. Blog away! Flickr has a “blog this photo” button that allows you load directly to your blog. Or you can import photos into WordPress (and likely blogger)

That is the most basic way to set-up a site. There’s a lot more you can do to take it to the next level

  1. Get your own domain name: I use They are pretty good, priced well, and easy to use. you can register and host with them. Once you get the name you can a)follow directions on wordPress on how to ‘redirect the url’ to your new URL. is a wordPress site that is simply redirected to my own URL. your site is really living on wordPress this way. or you can b) set it up through godaddy to completely host everything and just use godaddy’s wordPress module to import in your blog. more flexibility, but more work.
  2. Learn a little HTML and CSS and you can design it how ever you like.
  3. Create a couple with Drupal, a Content Management System (CMS). Been playing with it at work.

There you go.  Have any questions, just ask!